New York City


Any tips are not required but appreciated.

Quick Bus Ride (Seats 15): $400
Instead of a Taxi, we can send a Bus.

Classic Cab (Seats 3)
No extra charge for extra passengers.

Pick-Up Charge (In City): $5.00
*Pick-Up (Out of City): $10.00

Mileage Price: $20 per mile

*This includes but not limited to Grapeseed, Sandy Shores, Poleto, Harmony areas.




SILVER PACK                               $500 per Month
50% off Mileage + Medium Prio.
+ Washington Vehicle Request.

GOLD PACK                              $1000 per Month
50% off Mileage + No Pick-Up Charge 
+ High Prio. + Washington & Limo Request

PLATINUM PACK                  $1500 per Month
50% off Mileage + No Pick-Up Charge 
+ Max Priority + Access to all Vehicles.

+ 25% off on
Deluxe Chauffeur Services.


About Express Transportation Services

Express Cab Service (formerly Famiglia Cab Co) is founded on the core values of serving the community. It was founded in March 2021 by Tony Moretti and quickly gained respect in the city. In August of 2021 the company was transferred to Valentin Romanov, where he would soon rename the company to Express Transportation Service, with it's sub-divisions being Express Cab Service, Express Chauffeur Service, and Express Air Service.

"When you call Famiglia Cab Company, you become part of the family."
                                                                                                                       - Tony Moretti


When people choose to invest in Express Transport Services they invest in family and good business practice. Those who financially invested in the company get lifetime free rides and Platinum VIP status. They also get certain information and knowledge about the company and any changes, first hand upon request. We invite Patrons to our company email (/Discord) to make sure they can stay in touch easily.  We thank our Patrons dearly for their trust and support towards Express Transport Services and for helping us stay on the Road.

To become a Patron, you need to donate $5,000 or more. Here is the list of our current Patrons.

- Terry Walkens: $100,000
- Jack Callow: $45,000
- Black Lotus MC: $30,000
- Endeavour Jackson: $29,000 (Includes 4 Taxis)
- Caine Jackson: $25,500
- Dynasty Realty: $25,000
- James & Jorge Paxton: $15,000
- Antonio Ariez: $11,000
- Chris Solace: $10,000
- Jimmy Wallace: $7,000
- Benjamin Peters: $6,000
- Brodee McPaterson: $5,000
- Sunny Savannah: $5,000
- Jackson Clark: $5,000
- Artemis Quinn: $5,000

- Contact us if you wish to become a Patron.